Brighton Data Co.


Hello 👋 We’re Brighton Data Co.

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that you might be here for something data related +

We’re here to help with every stage of the analytics process across web and app, from planning and setting up the gathering of the data to moving, warehousing, modelling, automating, BI reporting, analysing and presenting it.

Better Data → Better Decisions__

We Do +

Our experience in working with specialised consultancies and personally as freelance consultants in niches such as web implementation, marketing, analytics and analytics/data engineering has allowed us to look under the hood and collectively develop a large span of skills and knowledge that we leverage day to day to help our clients.

We Teach +

Whats the saying?

“If you can’t do, teach”

We don’t agree.

Something we’re equally as passionate about at BDCo is sharing the knowledge and best practices we’ve learnt with teams and individuals we work with.

Whether it be hands on in a project, a blog post or providing training on a specific topic or tool.





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